Friday, November 5, 2010


Halloween was a blast! Aden went as a scarecrow and had tons of fun trick or treating around the neighborhood with his cousins!

There was only two missing! Lillian and Connor!

Aden is now 16 months old! He astonishes me every day with how incredibly smart he is. He uses the potty every night before bath time. He has now successfully peed 7 times in the potty and has made a number 2 once! I am amazed that he can do this on command. Really, I sit him on his potty and tell him "okay, time to pee pee or poo poo" and he looks down, concentrates, then goes. It is the coolest. thing. ever. Last night he did something new, after he peed, he pointed at the toilet paper. James gave him a piece and he reached down and wiped himself. HA, yes, I know, my kid's a freaking genius. Such a genius that he has already picked up some nice phrases, like he was talking to Mi Mi on the phone and told her to "shut up", yeah I take no responsibility for that people.

Let's see, words he can now say include, Mama, Dada, dog, Bo, Eyes, Ear, Nose, Bath, NO, Yeah, Bye, Hi, Hello, Tractor, Fish, Door, and I'm sure I'm missing many more.

This kid is accident prone though. Last weekend he fell and hit his mouth on the side of the TV. He was trying to plug up the cord to the back of the TV to play baby Einstein, when he slipped and fell. His tooth went ALL. THE. WAY. THROUGH. his bottom lip. James did a little hyperventilating. He's tough though. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. I have images of him riding Freckles bareback at a full gallop yelling "watch this mom"..... Yeah, I think I can feel a gray hair pushing it's way through right now...

And now, on to the holidays......

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