Friday, July 30, 2010

12 Month check-up!

Today we had Aden's 12 mo wellness check up. It went good. I think I'm getting slightly better about the shots. I didn't feel like I was going to pass out this time. Yeah, this coming from someone who went to nursing school & has been giving Grandma her shot every morning for the last month! It's different when it's your baby though.

Aden is 25 lbs, 30 1/2 inches long and I don't remember the head circumference but I know that it's in the 100 percentile. His height & weight are now at the 75 %. I told the doc about him not taking ANY milk during the day. She said while he doesn't have to have a bottle, he needs three six ounce sippy cups of whole milk or formula a day. Which explains why he hasn't gained any weight in over a month. I told Anthony to give him a sippy cup of BM or next step formula with his lunch. Well three hours later I get this text "Can I put some chocolate syrup in his milk?" To which I promptly reply "NOOOO"!! I called to ask him why he would ask such a thing and he tells me that Aden wont TOUCH IT. I call the doctor and she said to get a table spoon and force - feed him 12 spoons of formula/BM..I didn't tell Anthony to do that. I just told him to give him some Ice water (his favorite..I know weird kid). I guess I'll have to work with him all weekend to get him to drink some milk.

Other than that the appointment went really well. She was very impressed with his development and according to the charts he's at a 19 month level. She wasn't concerned about him not walking, said the fact that he stands up on his own without pulling up on anything and can balance for several minutes shows he could take off..he might just be a little cautious. Which I'm thankful for. I don't want my heart in my throat all the time, thank you!

He did okay with the shots, he got his chicken pox. MMR, and TB.

I have to say that I love my pediatrician. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER come in contact with such a thorough doctor. She goes over everything in DETAIL. From what meals he should be eating down to the exact food and hour to have it, to what kinds of educational toys to purchase and what activities to do with him daily to prepare him for school and to be ahead, way ahead.

Something like this is what she suggested we do:

7am-8am Breakfast:

6 ounces whole milk or Formula, 1 serving protein, 1 serving grain, 2 serving Fruit


Light snack: 1 Grain 2 veggies w/ice water

11-12pm Lunch:

6 ounces whole milk/Formula 1 serving protein, 1 serving grain, 2-3 serving veggies

You get the idea! And for activities:

Purchase small table & chair for preschoolers and start working with him on holding a crayon correctly and drawling on paper. Pick one color a day and work with him on it around the house. Example: Put together flash cards and blocks, pick up a yellow block and say "look Aden Yellow block", then show him a picture of a yellow duck and do the same. Instead of walking around the house hop like a "frog" or waddle like a "duck"..again, you get the picture. This is just a FRACTION of the activities she told us to do with him. Also, counting, start counting everything 1 2 3 then 3 2 1.

I always leave feeling bad though. I cant be home with him to make sure he's on a set schedule or eating the exact why he should be, or teaching him those wonderful activities everyday that will aid in his brain growth and development. It's true if you're not constantly challenging your brain, you wont magically end up with a high intelligence level. For most normal people it takes hard work. Of course I do what I can when I get home and on weekends. I just want the best for him and I know if I was home, I could do so much to help him learn and be ahead of the curve! I will do my best for him, that I know for sure.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Booby baby, when is the right time to wean?

Aden is a major titty baby.  What's weird right now is that for the last couple of weeks he refuses a bottle (breast milk) altogether. He WILL NOT take his bottle for Anthony under any circumstances. I know, I know, he is a year old and its totally fine that he does not want a bottle, maybe even great, hell he is weaning himself. But there's a big BUT here, when I'm around he still wants to nurse as if he's three months old. I mean I still get up at least once at night because he wants to nurse. This is getting old. I'm tired and work full time, I'd like some damn sleep!

However, I still enjoy nursing him and just cant find it in my heart to tell him no, that he cant have booby anymore. It's a little embarrassing though when he pulls down my shirt in front of all of Walmart and says "MAAAAMAAAA" aka "give me some Tit Ta now woman".

So I continue to pump at work to maintain my milk supply until he's ready to be weaned. Problem with that is, the milk I pump is going to WASTE. That pure liquid gold is going down the drain everyday due to him refusing the bottle. I don't understand he's been taking Breast milk bottles since he was 11 wks old!

Which reminds me, it's 10:30 and I need to pump.

Anyone need some extra milk????

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Reflection

The coolest thing happened this weekend. Aden went from sitting to standing postion all on his own, without any help from furniture.
I assume walking is just days away and really, really hope I dont miss his first steps! Oh, the joys of being a full time working mom are endless. (<----enter sarcasim here.)

We also went to Koles 7th B-day party on Saturday. I'm proud to say that his most favorite birthday present was the BB gun that James and I got him! I cant believe that Kole's already 7 years old. Seems like he was just born.

And Aden enjoyed the B-day cake as well.

My little man is growing up and I cant figure out how to stop it!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting so BIG!!

Aden is doing so many new things lately it's hard to keep track! He has definitely entered the separation anxiety stage. He starts to cry really hard when we leave in the morning and it breaks my heart! Gosh, I hope that stage passes quickly. He is also able to follow simple instructions like putting a block back into the container or clapping his hands and my personal favorite giving KISSES. He loves to shower everyone with open mouth sugars and I LOVE IT!

Also, he is taking after his daddy in regards to his new found love for popcorn. Last night, James was giving him pieces of popcorn and every time Aden would say "tank you". Yes, Aden has a growing vocabulary with Mama, Dada (Daddy sometimes), Bye, Thank you aka "Tank Jew", Hello, Bo, Ball and the newest NOOOO.

Walking is surely to come ANY DAY now. He cruises everywhere and can stand alone until he realizes he's not holding on to anything. He was late to crawl so I'm assuming this may take a little time as well. The fact that everyone carries him everywhere I'm sure has not helped the matter any.

We're trying to plan a vacation to SeaWorld next year. I can’t wait to get out of town for a while; we've had it tough lately and deserve a break. James has been working 7 days a week trying to catch us up. I'm a lucky gal, I know. He is what every woman wants. Handsome, hardworking, loving and caring.

This reminds me, I was having the most vivid dream when he woke me up this morning. I dreamed that I was giving birth to a new baby. Everything was opposite of how it happened with Aden. My sister Amber was in the room along with my mom and James. It was a vaginal birth with no meds. When the baby came out we didn’t know whether it would be a boy or girl but when the doctor threw the baby on my stomach it was a boy. I was so happy in the dream I was sobbing. He was small, maybe a 6 or 7 pounder. With a huge amount of black hair. James took him from me, kissed him and said "look at my sweet Rayland Everleigh."

I hope that dream comes true one day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday boy eating some cake!

Okay, while I'm still trying to get all the photos and the main birthday video up, I did manage to get this one up. Aden is eating his cake and feeding me some too.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can you PLEASE (to Aden)

Stop copying all the other kids? I mean I love that you're learning new things from them and will be smarter and develop more quickly being around all the other kids BUT that high pitch squeal when you want something that you learned from the 2 year old, not cool. And the slaps, scratches, biting and hair pulling is getting out of hand.

I guess this is where a parenting book would come in handy. I think I'll just google it.

Now, don't get me wrong, you're still the sweetest baby on earth and you think all these lovely new traits are funny. Even when you punched me in the nose yesterday and I swore it was going to bleed. For a one year old you've got some pack with that punch!

Be good,


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aden eating popcorn.

While I don't have the videos of the big 1st B-day up yet. Here is one of Aden eating some popcorn. Again, ignore my talking in the background. .I've got to remember to quite doing that!!

Aden and Wyatt in the pool

Excuse me talking in the background! :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Counting my blessings on Friday

I haven't been here tell your the truth I've been in a major funk lately. Between Grandma falling and breaking her hip to who's taking care of Aden to work & dealing with other mindless drama, it's been tough. And I hate that all that has control over me. I hate that I ha vent had the energy when I get home to upload all of the pics and videos from Aden's party. The party was a hit though and he got some wonderful presents and had a good day. Especially with his birthday cake. :-) A post of that to come soon!

Yes, I'm frustrated! But I'm also thankful. And I want to try and count my blessings so here it goes, I'm thankful for:

My sweet little boy, as soon as I see him I cant help but smile. He is truly the happiest baby in the world. He's been giving Anthony and all the kids kisses all week. He also has a new smile. Lately he's been smiling so big he closes his eyes, shows all his teeth and wrinkles his nose. I need to catch it on camera.

My brother, he's doing a good job with Aden and nothing means more to me than that. Even if he doesn't always answer his phone when I call!

My family, no matter what happens they are always there for me. I love the way my family always accepts people with open arms and makes them feel welcome. We love to adopt outsiders. He he

Last but not least, my husband, he loves us so deeply and always tries his best to provide, protect and love us unconditionally every day.

AND we have some people coming to look at Freckles (our horse) on Saturday. We hate to see her go but know that it's a must to obtain our goal. Still no interest in Shasta as of yet. I may need to leg her up and haul her to a few races to get her sold. With any luck we'll have both of them sold soon. It's going to take a few years to clean some things up but hopefully we'll be able to try for baby # 2 in two years. That's what James and I have agreed upon. Two years.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Aden playing with dog bowls

My sweet baby doing what he does best!