Friday, January 28, 2011

Yeah, Yeah, so the baby was "Big" Whatever..

After much research regarding the whole *birthing* process, I look back on my birth experience and think WTF. I mean really, I had no clue that doctors would use scare tactics on you to convince you one way or the other that during your labor you will need countless interventions and ultimately end up with a C-section. I think they secretly think **yessss** when your ultrasound predicts you're growing a "large" baby. That way if your labor stalls and you don't produce the required 1 cm per hour they can just chalk it up to the baby being too **big**, call for a c-section, and call it a day.

I hate that.

Coming to that conclusion was very difficult for me to accept. I mean the doctor I **still** see is a fabulous and caring person. He is quite possibly the most charismatic person I've ever encountered. He's even my freakin facebook friend. He makes you love him. I would love to see him with my next pregnancy, but I ain't gonna.

Now, looking at his C-section rate, it makes me sick. He's one of the highest around. I know exactly what would happen shall I see him with my next pregnancy.

Next time, I want a med-free, all natural, VAGINAL birth or in my case a VBAC. I want to push my baby out, regardless of the *size*, have him/her thrown on my stomach, be able to nurse right away and go home within the standard 2 days and not worry about all the obstables that comes from giving birth via C-section. As opposed to having drugs injected into your spine, feeling like you cant breathe while the doctor cuts your baby out, wait almost an hour before you can breastfeed, feel like a horrible failure, and stay 4 days in the hospital to then go home and spend WEEKS recovering from major abdominal surgery. Not to mention all the *risk* that go along with that surgery and the future *risk* it could very well cause with future pregnancies.

I want a vaginal delivery. It's my god given right as a woman.

I guess what I'm trying to say is next time, I'm going to trust my body first and the doctor second.

Happy Friday! Looking forward to following some new blogs!


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

18 Months..

To my sweet Bubbaloo,

You're just a few days away from turning 19 months old. Everyone says the time flys by when you have children, and I think they're right for the most part, time seems to speed up as we age altogether. Every now and then I go back and watch videos from when you were an infant, like this one taken when you first started to crawl around 9 months ago.

To me it seems just yesterday... then I see you today, running around, climbing, talking and realize what a big, handsome toddler you have become. You're so very smart and have such a fierce little attitude, just like your mommy. You have no problem telling anyone sitting in the rocking chair to "MOVE", while waving your arm boldly, when you want me to rock and nurse you. After much thought and consideration, I've decided to let you nurse until you're two, you're welcome.

I'm not sad that you're no longer a baby though. I'm really diggin the whole Toddler stage. In fact when I think about you getting older I'm actually excited. When I was pregnant all I could think of was you as a little baby. The fact that we get to keep you and watch you grow into your own little person is amazing.

Going outside is still on your top list of favorite things to do. You climb onto your power wheels you got for Christmas and have such a proud look as you haul tail around the yard. The horses look at you like you're a little monster that's going to sprout wings and fly over the fence to eat them at any moment, but that's just a bonus.

Here's to all the new and wonderful adventures to come, my sweet little man.



Friday, January 21, 2011

A little bit of this....A little bit of that

First off, Aden is 18 mos old, and this kid rocks my world.

He's starting to say simple sentences such as "Mama rock, Mama Tit Ta, Da Da MOVE" Yeah, the boy has his Mama's attitude for sure. Poor, Poor James. He also loves to sing and dance. So sweet, I really must get it on video asap. His favorite show is Nemo and Cars at the moment and his favorite thing is..... you guessed it ....still.... Tit Ta. I have a feeling the kid would stay on the boob indefinitely if I don't take him off. Which I've decided will be around the 2 year mark.

Current News with me is Miscarriages suck major ass and James and I lost our lil baby just a week ago. I was only about 6 weeks along but it sucked hard, nonetheless. We'll start trying again, sometime soon probably. The good news is the very first "try" I got pregnant. With two miscarriages under my belt I'm figuring I'm done in that department. Crossing my fingers next time sticks. So send  some sticky baby vibes my way eh?? It does make me feel a little better knowing I have wonderful family and friends that care deeply for me and send me things like this to work when I've lost my sweet baby to be..

My sister rocks my world too.

I have other not so thrilling news but I prefer to block that out and pretend all is right in my world at the moment.

So I haven't been blogging lately and Thanksgiving came....

And then Christmas:

Now tell me that didn't make you smile??

And then our yearly trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. This was 2010 photo:

These are from this year 2011:

And tell me that isn't the most handsome guy on the freakin face of the planet?!?