Friday, December 20, 2013

Half way there!!! And the flu.

19 weeks, 6 days pregnant!

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I have the flu! Bleh! Talk about miserable! I'm still coughing up a lung 6 days later. Bad, bad stuff. Makes me wish I would have gotten my flu shot. And right before Christmas! 5 days till Christmas and I haven't finished, actually barely started shopping. Oh well.

In other news baby GIRL is good! That's right, baby girl! We decided to find out the gender during our anatomy scan. Blown away. So HAPPY we're getting our little girl. I haven't done very well in the weight gain area. I'm not exactly working out  with the flu. Soon, hopefully soon. As soon as this congestion clears that is.

So around 16 weeks the dreaded PUPPS returned!! I pretty much wanted to die thinking of dealing with that horrific rash again and for more than half my pregnancy! So I dove head first into the remedies my midwife suggested and also some I found online. I started taking dandelion root caps, drinking a TON of water with lemon, hot water with lemon and honey in the morning, bathing daily in Grandpa's Pine Tar soap then lathering pure alo Vera on my skin right after. CLEARED after 7 days!! Miracle I tell you!!! I will continue with the above treatment for the rest of my pregnancy. Just incase.

Belly pic? I'll upload one later. When I dont feel like death. It's definitely poking out there! <3 10-12="" about="" gain="" i="" lbs.="" m......="" nbsp="" ok="" p="" that.="" weight="" with="">

Friday, November 15, 2013

14 Weeks 6 days

Okay, I've MADE myself decide to keep a pregnancy journal here on the blog. Because, well. It’s my last. Baby. :)

How far along: 14 weeks 6 days

Total weight gain: 4lbs Current weight 112, started at 108. (I started at 107 with Aden, so YAY for being at my pre pregnancy weight with the start of this new baby!

Maternity clothes: Not yet. I have been wearing my clothes from after I had Aden and went back to work. So it counts for sure. I can no longer button my jeans! I think it's time to go shopping this weekend...

Stretch marks: Not yet.

Sleep: Waking one a night to pee and several times to blow my nose. I've had a runny nose my entire pregnancy so far... yay me! Not.

Best moment of this week: My belly has popped out a bit. And James loves rubbing it already. :)

Miss anything: RUNNING!! I've tried to stay pretty active and I'm doing well so far, but I miss the heart pounding, sweat dripping work outs I had this last summer.

Movement: Not yet. I feel a heavy sensation very frequently though, mostly on my BLADDER. Get off.

Food cravings: Queso and chips and SOUP.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Greek yogurt.

Have you started to show yet: Yep. There's something in there...

Gender: Unknown. I've had dreams of it being a boy and girl. So who knows? :)

Labor signs: No.

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On. Let's hope it stays that way. With Aden it was off around 7 mos.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and sick. Stupid nasal congestion.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving with my dad's side of the family! I can’t wait to see everyone and chow down on the yummy food.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

7 weeks 4 Days

Although I havent utitilized this blog in about ...2 years, I figure this next chapture in ours lives calls for some sort of written documentation. I'm pregnant. 7 weeks and 4 days to be exact. Sure we've been TTC for about 6 months, but the shock of the two pink lines was still disarming. The thoughts of my two miscarraiges come flooding back, however unwelcome I tell myself they are. It's still there, the panic and worry. I over analyis every sympotom or lack there of. Speaking of symptoms my current sympotoms are mild neasea that tends to become much more profound after eating. Eating a large meal nowdays is out of the question. I've only vomited in the morning while brushing my teeth, but have had a constant neausea most days that has me wanting to vomit. With Aden I was very neaseas if I had an empty stomach at all. It seems to be the opposite with this one. We havent made the news public yet...waiting till around week 10 or so... or until I see/ hear a heartbeat. James and I have decided the best route to go to acheive a natural vbac birth is in a free standing birth center with a midwife. My first appoinement with Dinah will be next week, Oct. 3rd. From what I understand the first appointment with a midwife will be much different than my former, typical OB visits. A typical OB prenatal initial visit would include an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. The midwife will go off my LMP. This unsettles me for one reason only. I wont get to hear the heart beat this time. It kills me. I need to see or hear it. But I know this is the best route for my baby and myself. I should be able to start hearing the heart beat at around 10 wks via doppler.