Thursday, January 27, 2011

18 Months..

To my sweet Bubbaloo,

You're just a few days away from turning 19 months old. Everyone says the time flys by when you have children, and I think they're right for the most part, time seems to speed up as we age altogether. Every now and then I go back and watch videos from when you were an infant, like this one taken when you first started to crawl around 9 months ago.

To me it seems just yesterday... then I see you today, running around, climbing, talking and realize what a big, handsome toddler you have become. You're so very smart and have such a fierce little attitude, just like your mommy. You have no problem telling anyone sitting in the rocking chair to "MOVE", while waving your arm boldly, when you want me to rock and nurse you. After much thought and consideration, I've decided to let you nurse until you're two, you're welcome.

I'm not sad that you're no longer a baby though. I'm really diggin the whole Toddler stage. In fact when I think about you getting older I'm actually excited. When I was pregnant all I could think of was you as a little baby. The fact that we get to keep you and watch you grow into your own little person is amazing.

Going outside is still on your top list of favorite things to do. You climb onto your power wheels you got for Christmas and have such a proud look as you haul tail around the yard. The horses look at you like you're a little monster that's going to sprout wings and fly over the fence to eat them at any moment, but that's just a bonus.

Here's to all the new and wonderful adventures to come, my sweet little man.




Megan Brown said...

SOOOOOOOO SWEEET omgggggeeee. I lovelovelove that video!!! Oh he's so precious! I hope he reads these as an adult.

Brynn said...

Me too!!