Friday, January 21, 2011

A little bit of this....A little bit of that

First off, Aden is 18 mos old, and this kid rocks my world.

He's starting to say simple sentences such as "Mama rock, Mama Tit Ta, Da Da MOVE" Yeah, the boy has his Mama's attitude for sure. Poor, Poor James. He also loves to sing and dance. So sweet, I really must get it on video asap. His favorite show is Nemo and Cars at the moment and his favorite thing is..... you guessed it ....still.... Tit Ta. I have a feeling the kid would stay on the boob indefinitely if I don't take him off. Which I've decided will be around the 2 year mark.

Current News with me is Miscarriages suck major ass and James and I lost our lil baby just a week ago. I was only about 6 weeks along but it sucked hard, nonetheless. We'll start trying again, sometime soon probably. The good news is the very first "try" I got pregnant. With two miscarriages under my belt I'm figuring I'm done in that department. Crossing my fingers next time sticks. So send  some sticky baby vibes my way eh?? It does make me feel a little better knowing I have wonderful family and friends that care deeply for me and send me things like this to work when I've lost my sweet baby to be..

My sister rocks my world too.

I have other not so thrilling news but I prefer to block that out and pretend all is right in my world at the moment.

So I haven't been blogging lately and Thanksgiving came....

And then Christmas:

Now tell me that didn't make you smile??

And then our yearly trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. This was 2010 photo:

These are from this year 2011:

And tell me that isn't the most handsome guy on the freakin face of the planet?!?



Megan Brown said...

I love all his pics but I SUPER love the Christmas one!! HAHA!!! He looks like he had the best time!!

Megan Brown said...

Shoot I just saw the picture of the Edible Arrangement again, darnit. I've been trying to avoid looking at it so I won't have to go back to the grocery and buy more fruit. lol. It just looks sooo goood yumm