Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aden had his first.....

TEMPER TANTRUM yesterday evening. Ever since the new puppy arrived, he wont stay out of his water & food bowl. Mr. Bocephus (our new puppy) was trying to get himself a sip of water but nooo Aden stiff arms Bocephus right out of the way in order to "splash" in the water...using dads pen I might add. Soo I figured Aden needed to learn that the bowls weren't for playing in. I picked him up & carried him to his play mat while saying "that water is nasty Aden, come play over here". Of course Aden burns out crawling as fast as he can back to the water. We play this game about three times and on the fourth try I put Aden down and he losses it. Screaming and crying and kicking his feet. I couldn't help but laugh. I held my arms out to see if he wanted to come to me (which he ALWAYS does) he kept waving my hands away and shaking his head NO while turning red. That lasted about two minutes. He got over it and insisted on some boobie to make up for it.

Daddy came and got him a little later and took him to the room to play while I cooked dinner. James tells me that Aden goes right over to the outlets and starts hard to work on trying to remove the plug covers. We assume a 11 month old baby couldn't possibly take those things out...right?? I mean that's what they are meant to do, be too difficult for babies to remove therefore protecting the child from inserting their fingers into outlets...Apparently not! Aden spends about 10 minutes "working" on the covers...Do babies really have attention spans that long?? Guess so, because he gets one off, puts it into his lap, and starts to clap his hands while smiling at daddy! WTF...must be a fluke right? Nope he immediately turns and takes off the second one...much quicker that time I might add..

And this already at 11 months. Which reminds me, Aden is almost a year old. WOW. I really have no words.


chari said...

lol i love hear crazy funny baby storys it makes me feel i am not the only on going thru crazy stuff with their little one .and since Aden is only a month older than my son Jon Michael, it also tells what i have to look forward to:)

Brynn said...

I'm happy you enjoy it!