Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reasons why I love living in the COUNTRY!!

1. Land...It's in my bones! I hate the city and driving 45 minutes to my heaven everyday is well worth it.
2. Endless options..Not only do I have a million different ideas about how to landscape my HUGE front and backyard, I have a small pasture for horses and an place for my very own veggie garden. We hope to make it larger next year and keep it going thereafter.
3. Raising Aden: The schools are Exemplary!
4. Values: We plan to teach Aden to work for what he in the country he'll mow yards, clean stalls, weed gardens..the list goes on and on. Plus he'll have an opportunity to get involved with horses & rodeo if he wishes to.

 Although Aden cant help weed and water yet, he's pretty good at chewing on random rocks and eating clumps of dirt.. Here's the garden

Before (In early April)

Now: End of May

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