Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Booby baby, when is the right time to wean?

Aden is a major titty baby.  What's weird right now is that for the last couple of weeks he refuses a bottle (breast milk) altogether. He WILL NOT take his bottle for Anthony under any circumstances. I know, I know, he is a year old and its totally fine that he does not want a bottle, maybe even great, hell he is weaning himself. But there's a big BUT here, when I'm around he still wants to nurse as if he's three months old. I mean I still get up at least once at night because he wants to nurse. This is getting old. I'm tired and work full time, I'd like some damn sleep!

However, I still enjoy nursing him and just cant find it in my heart to tell him no, that he cant have booby anymore. It's a little embarrassing though when he pulls down my shirt in front of all of Walmart and says "MAAAAMAAAA" aka "give me some Tit Ta now woman".

So I continue to pump at work to maintain my milk supply until he's ready to be weaned. Problem with that is, the milk I pump is going to WASTE. That pure liquid gold is going down the drain everyday due to him refusing the bottle. I don't understand he's been taking Breast milk bottles since he was 11 wks old!

Which reminds me, it's 10:30 and I need to pump.

Anyone need some extra milk????


Megan Brown said...


Megan Brown said...

OOOOKAY So I obviously don't have any good advice for this one!!!! You need your other mommy readers to answer that question!! LOL It's all I can do not to gag while I'm reading it hahahaha

Brynn said...

LOL!! Megan I knew this one would gross you out!! AAHAHAHAHAHA

The Benards said...

BAHAHAH!!! Thats sooo funny Brynn! Something to think you think Aden is nursing bc he's hungry or he just likes his mama and Aden time. Braeden was the same way hence me nursing him until he was 2yrs and 4months. But his was more of a comfort thing vs a food thing. When I figured tandem nursing was not for I just told him that it was Korben's turn and he had to have "mamas special milk" in a cup. It took about 3months but now he's fine and I have completely weaned him.

Brynn said...

Yes, I know that Aden is mostly nursing for comfort. I just cant say no, maybe I'll start to wean him when he's two, just like you did. Or whenever a new baby comes along. haha I'm so proud of you for nursing your boys. You're such a good mama Melissa. Love you. :-)

Brynn said...

Oh and "mamas special milk" is too cute. And TRUE, it's so special.