Friday, July 9, 2010

Counting my blessings on Friday

I haven't been here tell your the truth I've been in a major funk lately. Between Grandma falling and breaking her hip to who's taking care of Aden to work & dealing with other mindless drama, it's been tough. And I hate that all that has control over me. I hate that I ha vent had the energy when I get home to upload all of the pics and videos from Aden's party. The party was a hit though and he got some wonderful presents and had a good day. Especially with his birthday cake. :-) A post of that to come soon!

Yes, I'm frustrated! But I'm also thankful. And I want to try and count my blessings so here it goes, I'm thankful for:

My sweet little boy, as soon as I see him I cant help but smile. He is truly the happiest baby in the world. He's been giving Anthony and all the kids kisses all week. He also has a new smile. Lately he's been smiling so big he closes his eyes, shows all his teeth and wrinkles his nose. I need to catch it on camera.

My brother, he's doing a good job with Aden and nothing means more to me than that. Even if he doesn't always answer his phone when I call!

My family, no matter what happens they are always there for me. I love the way my family always accepts people with open arms and makes them feel welcome. We love to adopt outsiders. He he

Last but not least, my husband, he loves us so deeply and always tries his best to provide, protect and love us unconditionally every day.

AND we have some people coming to look at Freckles (our horse) on Saturday. We hate to see her go but know that it's a must to obtain our goal. Still no interest in Shasta as of yet. I may need to leg her up and haul her to a few races to get her sold. With any luck we'll have both of them sold soon. It's going to take a few years to clean some things up but hopefully we'll be able to try for baby # 2 in two years. That's what James and I have agreed upon. Two years.

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Megan Brown said...

Two years. Wow. I guess as far as Aden goes, people usually decide on three years difference so.. that's cool. I approve lol. I'm so glad you are feeling comfortable with Anthony watching Aden now! I bet it's a big weight off your shoulders, at least for the time being. :-) I HAVE GOT to see Aden's new smile!! It sounds too cute!!!!