Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The "Sperminator"

Okay, after hearing countless stories about the "Sperminator", aka Schwarzenegger, and his "cheating" escapades, it got me to thinking. Why is it so effin difficult for people to just stay faithful? We hear about all the scandals that come from big celebrity names, but it happens everyday, to everyday people. Cheating has horrible affects on EVERYONE, especially when children are involved. I know for a fact that some people, mainly women, think it's just peachy to cheat and they'll get away with it because they have children to use as "collateral". Think again, people. If you will truly have SEX with another human being while you are in a committed relationship, than you don't truly love that person and should have called it off way before that ship ever thought about sailing.

I get it, relationships are difficult, but they're worth it. To have someone to love forever, to grow old with and share your life with, to have babies and grand babies together, isn't that worth it?

I'll be the first person to say that you really cant say you'd do something differently than another person has done, until you are put in their shoes, which of course you'll never be. But, this is one subject that I have seen, first hand, the devastation that comes from cheating significant others, and I can firmly say, I wouldn't do it. And if for some crazy, off the wall reason, I did, I wouldn't keep it from my husband. Which, I can also say with very strong conviction that if I did, my husband would leave me and I wouldn't blame him one bit because I would do that same, if the situation was reversed. The reason I say that is because if my husband was to betray me in such a horrible way, I could never get over it. It is the ultimate betrayal, hands down.

My husband and I actually started dating as teenagers after EACH of our then current "boy/girl-friends" cheated on us. Even then, being so young, it was such a horrible betrayal for both of us. Which maybe that's why we see eye to eye on that matter 100%.

In ending, I'd just like to say, feel the need for another? Seek some counselling to find out what the true meaning of your wandering eye is about. If that doesn't help? Save alot of hurt feelings, be the bigger person, and ask for the split.


Megan Brown said...

SO FREAKIN TRUE!!!!! If it is in your heart to have a sexual relationship with another person, then you are NOT in love with your spouse, end of story!! It is devestating, and disgusting, and if children are involved, you have no idea what you are doing to them and their future. It's not a joke. And oookay... some people have roving eyes, and can appreciate that another person is attractive, but to have desire in your heart, to cheat in your mind, is just the same as cheating for real. The thought of being with another person other than my husband SICKENS me. But then... I'm really in love so there's no question. There's no coming back from that betrayal.

Brynn said...

That's my point. There's no going back. Is it really worth it? No, but I guess in the end, if you feel like that, the relationship was doomed from the start. Not trying to "judge" anyone but I have dealt with this as a child and adult and it really is bad for everyone involved.

Megan Brown said...

Yeah it is. And I know there are many, many different types of relationsahips in the world, and one can't judge another... but honestly, surely two people in a relationship that are open to sexual encounters with others, can't POSSIBLY think they are truly in love with one another, can they?? If you are still looking for sexual satisfaction outside of your relationship, then you haven't found "the one" yet.

Brynn said...

Agreed 100%.