Monday, May 23, 2011


Every Monday, I'll be doing a weigh in... So, just to recap my weekend, I had a few slip-ups in the food department, but not too bad and I stayed within my calorie range pretty good. Today, I'm weighing in at 120.8 lbs! Yay! I met my goal for last week, which means my new goal for this week is 118.8. Hopefully I'll have that accomplished by Sunday.

I really must give a special thanks to the best husband in the world. He worked out with me 6 times last week. Yes, 6 times. And the man doesn’t have any weight to lose, at all. It's all toning for him I suppose, but he does it for me mostly. Which is awesome, who could ask for more?

Every time we go on our jogs I'm just amazed at how beautiful the little town we live in is. We live out of town, in the "country", and the back roads are just lovely. You can smell the crisp scent of spring in the air as we walk/jog down rolling paved roads, everything is green and wildflowers grow in the open fields abundantly. I always stop and pick Aden a couple, which he loves.

He gets the curls from me.

Happy Monday!!

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Megan Brown said...

That sounds sooo nice!!!!! Congrats on the new weigh-in!! Woohoo!!!! Can't wait til our suits come in :) I love this picture of Aden, it has got to be my favorite.