Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In which I talk about the major sucking of this blog..

I did it. I let all the negative crap going on push me away from things I love doing. Riding? Eh, not much.. Blogging? Eh..pretty much fell off the map.

It's cool though..I've got some things on my mind...just a few. And I plan to write about it. Why? Because I have no shame. So, I'm giving fair warning to family and friends that read this (hopefully someone does), if you don't care to read about my sex life, weight loss, family issues, daycare issues..this wont be your cup of tea. Kthx

P.S. Yes, I still plan to spill my guts about Aden too, soon.

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Megan Brown said...

SWEEEEET!!!!! that;s what I like to hear!!!! ilovethisblog