Friday, June 17, 2011

The Man That Loves Em

This dude.. Totally rocks. Did I ever have any doubt that he would be such an amazing father? Nope. It's in him... It's in him down to his very  bones. The thing about my husband? - he loves hard and with all he has. I remember when I was pregnant how he'd talk to Aden and rub on my belly.  At night he'd put his arm around my huge belly and Aden always seemed to give him a little kick..maybe saying: "Get the hell off me" or "Hey, Dad". I'd say they had their own little bond going on before Aden was even born.

Oh, when Aden was born, was there ever a happier father than James? I think not. He thought he was all special and shit because he got to hold him first due to that damned c-section. Obviously, totally my right to hold the baby first! But, at that moment, I couldn't be happier that James finally got to feel what it was like to be so close to that little miracle. Love, isn't a strong enough word.

We were both so very happy and proud that we made this little person 100 % out our love for each other. Just like it was James' turn to hold the baby first, Father's Day is his time to be cherished for what he is, a wonderful, amazing, caring and nurturing Father.

I think I can speak for both Aden and myself, when I say, thank you for everything! You're the worlds best daddy and we love you & appreciate you so much for what you do and who you are to us everyday.

I remember when we came home from the hospital, I wasn't able to do much and was in a great deal of pain from the c-section. James did everything. He changed ALL of Aden's diapers, he handed Aden to me to nurse when he was hungry, then took him back to burp him. He'd clean up the house and make the meals too. He'd walk him around the apartment, bouncing him and talking softly when Aden was fussy.

Now, things haven't changed much at all.

 He still gets up every Saturday & Sunday and takes Aden in the living room to watch cartoons, while letting me sleep in. A trade off, since I've always been the one to get up at night with Aden (Yes, even now at almost 2 yrs old) and let's face it, I'm the only one with the Tit-Ta's so James is no help in that regard. Not unless Aden wants "hairy titty" as James would call it.

So, THANK YOU to the dude, that is a totally awesome father, even after working all week and sometimes coasting on 4 or 5 hrs of sleep. He still makes time to tickle some ribs, play outside, ride the horses, mow the lawn or kick back and watch Monsters for the 1020140th time with his Bubbaloo.

Happy Father's Day and keep on rockin daddy, we love you!

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