Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday "Weigh In"

So, I skipped last Monday. It was a crazy week. I was in a horse related accident, which left me with a broken tail bone. But, after over a week of healing I'm doing pretty darn well. I should be able to resume at least walking today. My weight loss wasn't where I wanted it to be though. Today I'm at 118.6, which is about 2 lbs off schedule. I feel pretty good about it though, at least I didn't gain or flat line without the exercise!

My new goal for this week is 116.6. If I do what I've set out to do my weight at the time of our vacation will be around 112. I'd be happy with that for now. My sister called me to let me know about a new "miracle berry" Dr Oz was featuring on his show. Sea of Buckthorn, it's thought it very well may prevent your body from storing excess fat. There was a study conducted on two groups of rats that were fed the same high fat diet. One group became extremely obese and had resulting health problems such as diabetes and heart problems, while the other group that was given the Sea of Buckthorn daily, maintained a healthy weight without any of the health problems the other mice had.

I totally ordered me some. I know, it's only a study on rats and considering I'm not obese it may not aid me in losing any weight, but it's worth a shot. Especially considering it's all natural. I'm still nursing Aden, so diet pills or anything of that sort is not an option for me. We will see!

Happy Monday!


Megan Brown said...

"I totally ordered me some." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Megan Brown said...

If you take it then you can at least rest assured that you definitely won't gain!!! I still haven't seen Part 2 of the videos so I don't know what it said about proven weight loss. But WORTH A SHOT!!!! Can't wait to read your review on it and see if I should "totally get me some" LOL!!!!
P.S. Glad your hiney is starting to heal up!!! Stupid Beast, bucking you off!! Ugghh!!!

Brynn said...

LOL! I will let you know how to works for sure!! ;-) I plan to eat Casa Ole every single day on vacation so we'll know if I dont gain anything it's def. the berry juice.