Wednesday, June 1, 2011

With my son, I will NOT

Spank him.

Call him names.

Threaten never to speak to him again.

I will never stop apologizing when I'm wrong.

Use guilt or pull the "mom" card with him.

Turn my back on him in times of need or otherwise.

Make him feel as if he is not wanted or a bother to me.

Judge him.

Put my needs OR wants above his.

Criticize his wife or speak unkindly of her to him.

Force him to play sports.

Give him alcohol.

Make him feel as if he should marry a girl because she is pregnant.

Live vicariously through him.

Treat him differently than any future siblings.

Deny him a shoulder to cry on, a helping hand, an open mind, or unconditional love.

I know it's hard to say never, but I hope that I have learned from my childhood & past & I hope to correct those mistakes with my own son.

In a world so full of hatefulness and hurt, I just want him to feel secure, loved and accepted.


James said...

Beautiful Bobbaloo!

Megan Brown said...

This is wonderful. You are the world's best mommy. It is amazing how much you can see about what effects a child... little things that other parents do without thinking. Like making him feel unwanted or that he is a bother. That's something I need to work on I bet. :-/ BUT I will say using the "mom" card could be a helpful tool! Lol. You're right though, of course :))

Brynn said...

I'm not trying to make out like mommy of the year or anything, but I'm damn sure going to make sure I give it my best!! Love ya'll! xoxo